Scania 8x4 Service Truck

Price On Application

Product Summary

Tank # Tank Type Tank Capacity
No 1 Diesel reel, hose, hand piece, fast and top fill with meter 5,000 litres
No 1 Diesel reel, hose, hand piece, fast and top fill with meter 5,000 litres
No 1 Diesel reel, hose, hand piece, fast and top fill with meter 5,000 litres

What sets us apart.

  • Bodies are made of grade 350 plate which is 40% stronger than the grade 250 that is traditionally used in the industry.
  • Body shape is designed to increase strength and reduce.
  • Using only high-pressure fittings in the wall of the tank to increase strength and increase the life span of our.
  • All sockets in our tanks are TIG welded by a coded.
  • Fluid and air lines are stainless steel tube when possible for longevity.
  • Internal tanks are painted with a 2-pack epoxy tank liner to eliminate internal rusting and contamination of the.
  • Stainless steel cabinet internal parts to stop wear in cabinet and are removable to give the ability to refurbish unit 5 + years later, to get a second life out of the body.
  • Banlaw mechanical overfill protection, the systems use the principle of differential pressure to close a Flow Control Valve. Clever design produces minimum pressure drop, whilst the ‘springless’ piston further reduces the resistance to fuel flow. Banlaw Flow Control Valves achieve the highest flow rates for size in the market. Lower pressure drop reduces the instances of premature nozzle shutoff, an issue which often leads to under-filling of tanks. A Banlaw FillSafe TM Zero system consists of a Flow Control Valve, a Level Sensor, and a Pilot Line to form a system. The Flow Control Valve closes when a Level Sensor detects that the tank is full, stopping the flow of fuel from entering the tank. This initiates a dead head event at the Flow Control Valve, which automatically closes off the pressure sensitive dry-break nozzle. The tank is not subject to over pressurisation or the risk of overfill.
  • Grease fill system with auto shut off, using the V96-20 allows the tank to be filled and automatically shut off when full, eliminating overflow/spillage.
  • Bulk fuel system designed to compete with large high-cost PTO systems, with dual 2-inch pumps, custom manifolds and internal pick-up systems, we can deliver 350+ liters per min.
  • Light vehicle fuel running separate pump.
  • QEM have listened to our customers to reduce downtime and increase the longevity of our bodies. We always spend time on research and development to improve our products, aligning ourselves with multiple Australian companies that are developing their products to meet the rugged Australian conditions.

Hose Reels

  • Fuel (Bulk): Macnaught 1 ½” Spring Retract
  • Fuel (Splash fill): Macnaught ¾” Spring Retract Metered reel
  • Oils (4): Macnaught ¾” Spring Retract Metered reel
  • Coolant: Macnaught ½” Spring Retract
  • Waste Oil: Macnaught ¾” Spring Retract
  • Grease (High volume): Macnaught ¾” Spring Retract
  • Grease (High pressure): Macnaught 3/8” Spring Retract
  • Air: Macnaught ½” Spring Retract


  • Bulk Fuel: Macnaught 2″DIAPHRAGM PUMP−ALUMINIUM
  • Light Fuel: Macnaught 1″ DIAPHRAGM PUMP−ALUM/POLY
  • Oils (4): Macnaught 5:1 ’R’ SERIES RATIO OIL PUMP − STUB
  • Coolant: Macnaught 1/2″DIAPHRAGM PUMP − POLY
  • Waste Oil: Macnaught 1″ DIAPHRAGMPUMP−ALUM/POLY
  • Grease (High volume): 50:1 Macnaught PUMP
  • Grease (High pressure): Graco Fireball 425 10:1


  • Fuel (Bulk): Banlaw BNM800M
  • Fuel (Splash fill): DIESEL NOZZLE AUTOMATIC – HI-FLO 120LPM
  • Coolant: Water Dispensing Valve
  • Waste Oil: Banlaw AUS29W
  • Air: Nitto Fitting
  • Grease (High volume): ¼” Grease Dispense Valve including z swivel
  • Grease (High pressure): Banlaw quick fitting


  • Fuel: Banlaw BBRM23L
  • Oils (4): Banlaw AUS27WB/H Flush Face Receiver
  • Coolant: Banlaw AUS27WB/H Flush Face Receiver
  • Waste Oil: Banlaw AUS27WB/H Flush Face Receiver
  • Grease: Banlaw GTXRC Flush Face Grease Transfer Receiver, 3/4” NPT


  • Fuel: Mesh Y – Strainer
  • Oils (4): Filters DF 5 Micron Pressure Filter


  • Fuel: Macnaught MX50-1SA
  • Meter Display: ER-RMP Remote mount register
  • Oils (4): Macnaught ELECTRONIC OIL METER Above reels

Overflow Protection

  • Fuel: Banlaw overflow system
  • Grease: V96 auto shut off system

General Features

  • Certified ROPS/FOPS
  • CAT jump start receptacle
  • Low mount product refill points
  • Sealed pump and reel cabinet with heavy duty door
  • Product and component labelling
  • Sealed tool box
  • Sealed waste oil filter cabinet
  • 60 litre polyethylene hand wash tank with tap and soap holder
  • High and low mount LED indicators and side marker lamps
  • High mount rotary beacons at front and rear of service truck
  • LED work lamps to both sides of module
  • LED work lamps both sides of reel cabinet
  • Wheel chocks easy access
  • Wheel nut tension indicators
  • Whip flag with light and quick release

Safety Features

  • Banlaw overfill protection on diesel tank
  • Modulube V96 overfill protection on grease tank
  • In cabin emergency stop for engine
  • Lockable dual pole battery and starter isolation
  • Ground level emergency stops for engine and compressor
  • Oil spill kit
  • Two (2) 9kg fire extinguishers
  • One (1) 1.5kg fire extinguisher in cab
  • First aid kit and eye wash station in cab
  • Safety signage and decals to AS 1319
  • Breakdown triangle kit


  • 2 x amber flashing lights and 4 LED service lights
  • 2 x compartment work lights
  • 2 x reversing lights at rear with dual stop/tail indicator clearance lights
  • Reverse alarm
  • Starter isolator
  • 24V jumpstart receptacle
  • 2 x emergency stops 1 x module mounted; 1 x cab/dash mounted

Fire Suppression

  • 2 x fire extinguishers: 9kg – ground level, 1 x at rear of module, 1 x at front of module
  • 1 x 1.5kg in Cab


  • All mounting points fitted with spring retained bolts
  • Full length chassis 20mm HDPE fitted between the module and chassis

Sign Writing

  • All hose, reels and fill points labelled
  • Safety signage, compartments, product labels, flammable liquids to meet Australian standards and mine site requirements


  • Meter calibration and flow rate testing
  • Pre-delivery operational checks
  • Parts book and service manual

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